United National Franchisees Association (UNFA) is an independent trade association for 7-Eleven franchisees worldwide. It is UNFA’s goal to represent the interests of franchisees to all parties, in a positive and mutually beneficial manner and to provide a forum for the exchange of information among franchisees, SEI management, and our sponsoring vendor partners.

Recently founded in 2018 by 4 franchisee owner associations from coast to coast where 7-Eleven does business. Each regional FOA represents 7-Eleven franchisee members who pay dues to their local association, and a portion of these dues supports United National Franchisees Association activities. The dues required from each FOA and the number of votes  allocated to them are fixed regardless of the size of the parent FOA. This enables each FOA to have an EQUAL VOICE in the management of the UNFA activities.

Four times a year, each FOA sends two representatives, a president and a vice president, to the UNFA Board Meeting where the FOA can bring issues facing its members for resolution and contribute ideas to improve the business environment and competitiveness for both SEI and the whole franchisee community. UNFA also encourages every FOA to work with SEI and the local charities to earn the respect and the goodwill of local community and to strengthen the 7-Eleven brand.